What if it was possible that with a pencil and paper your business could experience profound change?

When one thinks of ways to create change we might think of hi-tech systems and gadgets to create the changes we seek. We all believe in the power of computers to transform our businesses and our communities, but what if… what we are looking for, to effect deep change, has been the same tool that has been used for centuries. We are hooked to our cell phones, computers, tablets, and laptops. It takes a lot to pry us away from the digital world, but our first language is one that is hard-wired in our brain and is seldom activated to its fullest potential. What language is that? Well, it is something that as humans we can all speak regardless of where we live and even the languages we speak and still understand one another. If we challenge this part of the brain in the workplace then we as individuals and as a team, we can instill lasting change.

The language is… drawing


The Drawing Lab approach is a way to activate and explore your “Drawing Mind.” I have worked with people from all over the world in many different business sectors. I have taught young children, teens and adults in their nineties who haven’t made a drawing since they were 5. I have worked in schools, in labs, in libraries, and in museums. What I know for sure is that whether you are a janitor or a CEO, every person has shared that the experiences they gained in the Drawing Lab, pushed their thinking in unexpected ways, challenged their brain and strengthened the connection to the people in their community or teams.


Creative corporate team building to create a healthy culture


How can drawing inside a company actually create change?


Most people are only using a small amount of their brain power and that by not leveraging drawing we are missing out on great opportunities to communicate better and connect with our team in different and productive ways. By drawing together in a team setting, using the Drawing Lab exercises, each person connects with their own Drawing Mind while also connecting with each other as individuals. The hierarchy of the business falls away so that each person is just exploring and creating together, everyone is easily included in the Drawing Lab and there is no one that is incapable of taking part. Everyone can make a mark on the page and there is not one team member that is better or more capable than another. It allows for introverts and extroverts to work together. The Drawing Lab favors process over product, encourages experimentation, allowing for “mistakes” and finding unknown solutions and closely aligns the team by going through the experiments together and to share the results in a safe, reflective space.

The Drawing Lab Rules are key to making the experience one where everyone feels at ease and trusts in the process. The first rule: “you can’t say you can’t draw” sets the stage. There are no mistakes in the Drawing Lab. The pencil becomes the catalyst for community building and growing an innovative culture in the organization. The drawing experiences challenge people to work out of their comfort zone and by doing so, build innovative leaders and bridge the gaps between people at all levels by removing egos. This can allow for deeper connections to be made and new solutions and/or team focus within the company. The relational aspects of the drawing experience allows for all members of the organization to feel seen and heard.


Culture is everything and “people issues” are the typical struggle that holds most organizations from reaching their true potential. Team building is just one tool to address and overcome the “people issues” in your organization.