Are you open-minded enough to read this article?

It is going to challenge you to think… and maybe even call you on your bullshit. If you have an open-mind then read on…


Let me start with the story of why I am writing this article.

Someone of Facebook got up in arms over the latest Kanye debacle and dared someone to challenge them on… “Why Kanye was right… because in their mind, they knew he was a jackass and was very WRONG about slavery!

For those of you that don’t know, Kanye said… “400 years of slavery was a choice.” He went on to clarify that… “the numbers were in the favor of the slave and that it may have been more mental slavery than just physical slavery and if people do not change their thoughts, there will be 400 years more of slavery.” You can see why people got upset… SLAVERY WAS A CHOICE? ARE YOU CRAZY?

So anyhow, I thought about giving a response to this facebook person, but I thought I’d share it here, on the Business Success Movement’s website instead because this might be a valuable lesson for us all.

Okay, you dared me. Challenge accepted. Here’s the deal… I understand where you are coming from. On one level Kanye’s comments are totally ridiculous. But if you’ll join me for a minute, let’s drop our egos, the need to be right, and explore the other side of the coin. Okay, are you with me?

First off, I don’t know anything about Kanye other than news bites I hear, like this one, about slavery. I don’t support or back him, nor do I listen to, or buy his music. But my initial thoughts on this latest Kanye debacle was… maybe the “choice” thing has some validity.

Please listen before getting emotional because this is a hot topic conversation. Let me start by giving some context… I personally believe that poverty is a state of mind. If I say this in public, people go apeshit. What they don’t understand is anyone can become a millionaire if they are exposed to the right mindset and ideas and daily habits. Even someone working at McDonald’s their whole life could retire a millionaire if they had the right mindset and habits.

People get upset when they hear this because it sounds so crazy because no one is doing this. Why? Because 99% of society has the wrong mindset and bad habits, including me. Understanding this though is the first step to changing the outcome. Look, you can not break out of poverty or even middle-class if you do not change your mindset and habits and do the tough things or different things than the rest of society does. Few will do this, and that is why so few ever break out of the class they were born into. Could the same be true of slavery?

Now my question is this… what does Kanye mean by… “slavery was a choice”? Is he trying to challenge us to think deeper? Why would a black man say this? Does a black man that has become a millionaire know something we don’t? Maybe. Maybe not.


Was this just media hype or was it something deeper? I have no idea his background and if he was born into a wealthy home or if he came from poverty. If it was the latter we might want to understand why he said this. Maybe there is a lesson he is trying to teach us.

It’s easy to get pissed off and rage on the guy, but that is “emotions” in action, and they are used… to do what exactly? Is this habit and our reactions to things like this keeping us down and holding us back from learning the valuable lessons in life and business? Is getting up in arms about it and rallying the troops of our like-minded friends and connections what is keeping us ALL down? Maybe, or maybe not. The only way to find out for sure is to ask yourself… “why did I (we) get so upset when he said this? Reflect on your own reaction. How does it serve you?

So slavery was a horrible thing. I am a white male, so maybe, I know… nothing. I certainly can never understand the struggles of the black community. But I do seek understanding and hopefully, help the black community. I have been fighting for equality for several years and plan to continue to do so. I even work with impoverished kids because I believe mindset, habits, and support are part of the solution to breaking poverty.

Some of my biggest breakthroughs in life were when I was exposed to new ways of thinking and I “chose” to think differently about myself and my situation.


I mean some of these choices changed my life in huge ways just by deciding to not believe some of the things society, my parents, my schools, my churches, and the media has been telling me was right, all my life. By believing these new thoughts my life has been set on a new path. Some of these thoughts were ideas like this that most of society thinks are absolutely crazy. But what I found was some “normal” or “rational” ideas and beliefs were not serving me well, but they were keeping me in line with society. Maybe, just maybe, this is what Kanye is saying. Maybe he is on to something or maybe he’s just a publicity hound and he’s succeeded.

Are you open-minded enough to explore which is the truth?


Can I ask a few difficult questions, and ask you to reflect on your answers?


  • Is your outrage based on the fact that Kanye is a dipshit in your mind?
  • Is it because you are a little jealous that this dipshit is a millionaire and you are not (even though you are smart as hell)?
  • Are you brave enough to explore these ideas and similar ones based on Kanye’s statements? Or is it better or easier to just be outraged?
  • What is most of society’s response to his statement? Are you with the majority or the minority in your reaction? Why?
  • What moves you closer to the goals you want for your life and for your business?


Now, this article is not to pass judgment one way or the other or to even side with Kanye, but rather to challenge you to explore different ideas. If by reading this has exposed you to another positive perspective even though most see it as a negative statement by Kanye, then great, you are open to new ideas that society might not agree with or that they are not willing to explore. If you liked this idea, please share this article with others to help them open their eyes and explore how their choices may be affecting and maybe even “enslaving” them.

If however, you think I am a crazy racist bastard, feel free to share it below in the comments telling me why and I will respond to all (with respect and kindness). Thanks for listening with an open mind. Now go change the world and break free of any limiting beliefs that you may have.


Photo by Gee Jay