If your business is struggling, I have to ask… “What are you doing to get attention?”


The crazy thing about business today is that we are now playing in a global marketplace. In the last 20 years, we have gone from playing in our backyard to playing on the global stage. There are billions of people out there to buy your product or service. No matter your product or service, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people that could buy your product. So it’s not that the buyers aren’t out there, the real problem is you are not communicating to them well.


What are you doing RIGHT NOW to get their attention?


What have you done this week? Last week? This month? If you do not have a quick answer then it’s no wonder you are struggling. If you can rattle off a bunch of things that you are doing to get attention and still struggling, then I will tell you… you have a messaging problem, you are not being bold enough, or you are not getting enough attention.

You need to turn your energies into an aggressive force to push your message and get attention. Look there are so many ways to get attention these days for low cost that it is ridiculous. Get on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin and start getting some attention. Start a blog. Hell, you can start blogging for free on certain sites. I don’t recommend these free sites, but if you are broke, doing something is better than doing nothing.


In case you missed this earlier… YOU NEED TO GET ATTENTION!


Look, here’s the deal… You need to find a marketing avenue and start pushing today! You are competing with tons of other people that do what you do. Are they all better? No, of course not. Are you best in the world at one thing? Can you be in the top ten in a certain niche? Then start going after it like your life depended on it. Do you know why? Because it does.


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Are you growing? Why not? It isn’t because there aren’t buyers out there. It is because you haven’t figured out how to get attention and be unapologetic for doing everything you can to get attention, and doing it again, and again, and again. Is it rude? Is it too much, too often, or too aggressive? Maybe, but business is not for the timid. If you are a subscriber or follower of this business publication you may have noticed over the last month or two that we stepped up our game. I am now putting out two blog articles a week. Is it easy? Not really, but I didn’t get enough attention earlier this year so I have committed to two articles every single week. Why? TO GET ATTENTION!! Is it enough? HELL NO!! I need to be getting 4 or 6 or 10 or 20 articles out every week. Why? TO GET ATTENTION!.

So what am I saying here? When it comes to marketing or sales the biggest problem many companies and people have is they are not aggressive enough. They haven’t figured out how to get attention. This is step one. Yes, there are other steps, but if you are not already getting attention, nothing else matters. If you are not getting attention, a systemic sales process is useless. If you are not getting attention then there is no need for learning how to close. Your number one job right now should be to figure out how to start getting attention.

CHALLENGE: What could you do today to start getting attention? What habit can you do today and tomorrow and the next day and continue doing forever? Find one way to stand out and get attention. Do one thing over and over until you become the master and rule your space.


Things you could do to GET ATTENTION:


  1. Twitter – create a free account and start tweeting daily. Then a few times a day, then hourly than a few times an hour.
  2. LinkedIn – create a free profile and start posting positive memes or liking people’s posts or creating your own posts. Start sharing other people’s stuff. Start conversations, or start writing articles. Whatever you do try to find a way to build a cadence and do it daily.
  3. Facebook – create an account and a facebook page for your company. Create a group. Start posting and asking questions and engaging in other groups. Start doing a Facebook Live video daily. Do this every day for a year and the rest of your life.
  4. Blog –  go get a free blog or build your own. Start by committing to writing a 400-600 word article every week. Then move up to 2 a week, then more. Commit to doing this forever. Think about this most website are static digital brochure websites with 5-20 pages. If you did one article every week for a year, you’d build a site with 52 pages which is anywhere from 3 to 10 times better than most typical websites. Need more website ideas – click here!
  5. Get Crazy & Stop Playing It Safe – hell, why not dress up in a red tutu, grab a red umbrella and wig, paint your face white, slap on some red lipstick and get out on the street and pass out flyers like the person in the image. But for god’s sake do something. Take a tip from Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian and do something crazy consistently and the media will give you the attention you are seeking.


The key is you need to start getting active and you need to start doing it ASAP! Find something you can commit to and do it for 5 years. Understand that commitment is important. Most blogs die in the first year. Many Twitter accounts and Linkedin accounts sit dormant and people are not logging in anymore. So try to find something you can commit to. An ongoing commitment will be step two. Build the habits and turn them into something you do for a lifetime. But whatever you do JUST START GETTING ATTENTION!