Today I was introduced to The Conversational Copywriter’s Manifesto. This is something I found very interesting.


You see, in pure honesty, I suck at grammar and writing. Yes, in full transparency I hated writing most of my life. So why is it I run multiple blogs and this online business publication? Well, as a business owner I needed to get in front of my prospects and build a following.

In advertising and marketing, where I shouted my message at people, I was unable to build my following, and so, I had to take a new approach. 10 years ago or so I started blogging. I can tell you early on my content was trash. I had typos and grammar problems all over the place. Then over time I slowly started getting better at writing. I started taking pride in mastering the things competent writers do… like spelling words correctly, using the correct words in the right places (you know things like… there, their, and they’re), and even rereading articles before I post them so I can do edits and catch problems (well, most of the time).


So why am I talking about how bad my writing skills were in an article titled… The Conversational Copywriter’s Manifesto – A Review?


Well, let me tell you. Beyond working on fixing my grammatical and spelling errors, what I found was your writing also needs to be interesting. You need to connect with your target audience. They need to be pulled in and entertained as much as they are educated. As an analytical guy, it is easy for me to jump into facts and figures and start talking numbers. As someone that loves getting results and systems to get them, it is easy to start talking jargon related to ROI. Technical articles are great at times but online you need to “capture the reader’s heart before you capture their mind” (by the way that is a quote I stole from my wife that she uses in her teaching career. Thanks for the tip Betsy!).

Sorry, let me get back to the story.

If you want to blog for your business, you need to start thinking like your target audience.

  • What do they want?
  • How do they want to be spoken too?
  • How can you connect with them on a personal level?

The answer? Write conversationally.


As I mentioned when I started out this article I was introduced to a website, author, and course related to this very topic. I found The Conversational Copywriter’s Manifesto brilliant and I thought I would share some of it with you so you get some ideas on what I am talking about.


The first 3 bullet points from The Conversational Copywriter’s Manifesto…


  1. We write in a tone and style that would fit a lively and enthusiastic conversation between friends over coffee at the kitchen table.
  2. We write copy that ENGAGES our audience. We don’t broadcast sales messages AT our audience.
  3. We write in a way that feels natural when spoken out loud.


To read the rest you can go to Nick’s website. Heck, if you need help with your writing, I think he has a course on how to do this.

I hope that one thing you noticed is that I try to tell stories and write like I am talking to you (the reader) over a cup of coffee. Hopefully, it feels like a lively conversation as stated in point 1 of the manifesto. If our articles are not conversational, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and we can stir up a conversation there.

Writing is such a powerful medium for business, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. I hope that we are able to inspire you to find your conversational voice and start writing for your own business blog or you join forces with a publication like ours where your voice can be heard. The written word is great for communication, but it also helps you get ranked in search engines and we all know the power search engines have today.

Happy writing and thanks for reading!


Photo by Coffee Party USA