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To quote Dinah Washington…
oh, What Difference A Day Makes


Roughly year ago I created a Facebook group for the Business Success Movement (click the link to check it out and join). In that time, the group has changed and evolved as my thoughts on how to run and manage a group and build a community changed. What I realized pretty quickly was I was spread pretty thinly to pull off all my grandiose ideas right out of the gate. This really just meant I needed to clarify the vision and get focused on the things I could do and do well.

My goal was to build a community of business owners that saw the business world struggling and they wanted to get involved to change that. This was for selfish reasons (to get more success for their own business), but also to give back and be a part of something bigger than themselves (or at least this is what I was shooting for).

Some of the wins we have had in the last year are we have gone from zero to over 60 members. This is not a huge group and to be honest, not everyone is active, but the ones that are have built some pretty solid relationships and business connections. I have done a few trials of the CEO Book Club, reading books like Emyth and Start With WHY. We are still working on the best way to do this digitally, but I still think it was pretty powerful for the people that participated. By the way, click the link to get on our waiting list for the next round of the CEO Book Club. This is something we will continue to do and evolve until we get it dialed in and can offer monthly book dialogue and reviews in a community setting.

We have also done some cool business challenges like the 31 Day Facebook Live Video Challenge. Man, this was a great one. There are members that have grown so much in the last year because of these challenges. They are different people today than they were 12 months ago. This is what excites me most about the potential for this group and community. It has a long way to go before it is reaching my vision, but I am happy to celebrate the awesome wins we did have this year. I asked for testimonials from the members to share in this article and I will be sharing more of them in the future. This one, however, choked me up a bit and why I do all of this.


Karina Pardus of Coy Compositions

Karina Pardus of Coy Compositions 
Success Movement facebook group member
since October 24, 2017, said…

“The Business Success Movement Facebook Group has helped me become more comfortable in many ways. I am so much more comfortable doing Facebook Live videos now (I don’t think I would have tried to do them at all without this group!) and I use them weekly for my business which has been helping my engagement more than anything else. I am also more confident in calling myself a business owner. This was a struggle for me, but being in here and talking about myself as an owner in the way I want to be, has helped me bring that confidence in the other interactions I have in my work. Plus these people are so supportive and encouraging, and it’s nice to have a place where we don’t compete at all for clients or attention, but we all just help each other with whatever is needed at any given time. It’s one of my favorite go-to groups on Facebook.”


I am really looking for a group support admin or a few admins that can help me build my vision. This will help us grow and scale what we are currently doing today. If you know someone looking to get in on the bottom floor of something that could get big, then reach out and schedule a call and let’s talk about this opportunity.

After 6 months in, things started slowing down and I was looking for a new way to inspire the members and continue to offer educational opportunities and ways to get engaged. I thought about this long and hard and I also knew I wanted to continue to grow the group and the mission of the Success Movement. So I decided to add this website to the mix and focus on one of my strong points – building a brand, creating a blog and pushing content out to our social media presence and get our content ranked in google. So we are starting to get the site dialed in and creating consistent content (right now 2 articles a week). What I thought I would do to support THE MOVEMENT was turn the site into a business publication similar to an inc magazine or FastCompany but with a bit of a Huffington Post approach to bringing in new authors. Obviously, we will always be looking for new writers and if you would like to learn more you can go here.

In 6 months, I personally have written roughly 20 articles and have had 6 other authors join me on this journey to-date. The goal of bringing on authors besides myself is the Business Success Movement will only become a MOVEMENT when I get people involved and people start taking ownership of and running with the ideas of the movement. Beyond this, I know that although I have 20 years of business experience, I certainly do not know it all. I need experts in their areas to help educate our readers. I truly want to leave the business community better than I found it. I am hoping our content on this site and in our Facebook community will help in that goal. We are currently at 2 articles a week on this site. My goal is to keep building this and grow it to multiple articles a week and even a day as things grow. My next mini-goal is getting to 4 articles a week. So stay tuned to watch our growth as we bring on more writers committed to writing a few articles a month.

The site is not technically about the Facebook Group so why am I talking about it? Well, to be honest, I am really just using the site to drive ongoing content for our group and continued discussions around these topics. As a matter of fact, some of the members are the current authors and it has been a great way to help them get exposure, maybe learn a little about the business side and importance of blogging, a chance to work with me (who doesn’t want that, right? Ha! I kid.), and an opportunity to get a professional marketer adding SEO to their articles. The content is all original and will only be on this site. I am trying to build a platform here to find a win-win and as I mentioned earlier leave the business community better than I found it.

I have also built a mini-course for our writers to get them up-to-speed on our vision, expectations, requirements and the like. I also have built a 6-week business course to help in our purpose to educate the business community. The mini-course is fairly dialed in. The business course is evolving and will continue to add value to our facebook group for those who participate. In the future I see us offering free courses and paid course to our members, but we have to take things one day at a time which brings me back to…


Dinah Washington and… oh, What Difference A Day Makes!


Stay tuned for all the future growth we are planning. As a way to stay informed you can subscribe to our blog or join the Facebook Group and get started connecting with some great people and engaging in great conversations. We hope you will ask questions and seek help to any problems you may be having and that you will give support to the other members and help them break through things that are holding them back. After all the goal is building a Give-To-Get community so everyone finds value in what we are doing! I hope to see you in the group soon!

I’ll close by sharing this great song in case you are unfamiliar with Dinah Washington, have a listen. Oh yeah, and because I am a bit of a music junky. Enjoy!