This is a deep perplexing thought – What would I do if I had unlimited money?

Why is it perplexing? Well, today my thoughts are I would use the money to build and fuel the business success movement. I love business and my goal of the movement is to get others to love business, but in a way that allows us to not only find success and profits but use those profits to fund change in society. Now I guess the perplexing part is… if I was making a million dollars a month would I still care as deeply about this stuff or would my goals change? Would I be corrupted by money and turn into a greedy fatcat?

I’d like to think the core of who I am would never allow this, but until we are in that situation, how can we really say. Well, instead of worrying about the negative side of things, let’s review our thoughts on the potentially positive side. What have I been working towards for the last year? I have build building a movement based on the parable of… it is better to teach a man to fish than it is to feed him a fish for one meal.

In the grand scheme of things, there is nothing wrong with working for someone else, but there is a certain kind of person, someone like myself, that just never feels at home in that role. They are a bit of a societal misfit and a rebel that takes pride in the thought of going out on their own and building their own business from the ground up. I want to foster this and support those misfits and rebels. If money was no option, I would invest further in the Business Success Movement to educate and support business owners to help them find more success in life. This doesn’t mean just getting rich, but also enriching their soul by leading with purpose and becoming someone that takes these ideas and pays it forward to help the next generation of misfits and rebels.

I would do this by delivering plenty of free content in this online business publication, creating a sense of community with like-minded business owners in groups and modern networking spaces, provide education to continue to help people level up and grow their skill sets, and lastly offer accountability and ongoing support to keep these people focused. Business is a journey and it takes commitment and support, so there needs to be many areas to service the community in many different ways if we are ever going to see my dream of moving the business success rate from 4% to over 10% and then well beyond this.


My WHY is to challenge people to become innovative leaders so that we can change the world together.


How will we change the world? By leveraging business success to give back and help others. How will we challenge people? By providing ideas and content that gives people a way to think about things differently. How will we do this together? Well, part of my passion is culture and the importance of people working together like a well-oiled machine. One of my callings is building cultures and so I am hoping the members of this movement will be just as passionate about my vision as I am and they will be excited to work with others to make the world a better place because they are already reaping the rewards of what the Business Success Movement helped them accomplish in their own career and they want to and feel the need to give back and pay-it-forward to help others (even or maybe especially outside of business. Areas like poverty, corruption in politics, illiteracy, the environment, and the list goes on.).

So what are we doing today to teach a (wo)man to fish? Well, starting this month we are kicking off a mastermind group that we are calling OFFICE HOURS. This is a formal weekly mastermind group with the focus of building communities of people wanting to work together so that everyone may win. A mastermind is just a group of people (2 or more) that meet regularly to work towards a goal. The goal of this group is working towards is a commitment to an ongoing focus on WORKING ON their businesses. Most small business owners are not committed to WORKING ON the business. They are sporadic at best, but most never WORK ON the business, they just focus on WHAT THEY DO and hope and pray everything else just falls into place. As you probably know… hope and prayer are not strategies you can really count on.

Join the Business Office Hours Group Today!

The purpose of this OFFICE HOURS mastermind group will be to also offer…

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Comradery
  • Encouragement
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • and Support

If this sounds like something you are interested in, check things out because we are offering a great deal in July where the kick off price is $59 instead of the $99 we will be charging in the future. Click here to learn more about joining the OFFICE HOURS Mastermind Group.

At the end of the day, I really think the only thing more money would offer is speed for development and the roll-out of my vision. Yes, having the full education and support platform built today would be great, but we are growing every day and since things will evolve as the world changes, the Business Success Movement will never be finished or completed (if we want to stay relevant). My purpose and my vision are the things that keep me pushing forward and building more today than we had yesterday. I hope the vision inspires you and you want to join the movement and help me turn this into a platform that just keeps bringing more value to business owners and CEOs across the globe.


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